Curiosity, open-mindedness and appreciative communication are prerequisites for learning, since effective learning relies on motivation and reassurance. Hence, the medium needs to suit the circumstances.

  • The desire for meaning, insight and comprehension is fundamental.

    It is the driving force for creating the new that motivates people. The environment, the way we associate with others and the circumstances define the room we move in as well as our focus. This influences how we perceive and value learning, it influences how we learn. Having enough space for thinking, inventing and testing helps generate motivation and joy – a mode in which learning seems like play. Be it learning in society, in companies or in schools.

We develop interventions, learning formats, concepts and media, be it small or large, simple or complex, but always well-designed.
Our Focus: Learning with ease!

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  • Finding suitable formats

    Defining a suitable structure for an event and target audience relating to information, communication, association, presentation, moderation, interaction etc.

  • Creating interventions

    Impulses that encourage reflection and curiosity and have an energizing,
    mind-opening effect.

  • Defining courses

    Defining a suitable structure for specific content that needs to be conveyed.
    (Outline and how should it be imparted?)

  • Determining learning media

    Defining the type of media to be used and creating a sample for production.

Editorial Services

  • Storyboards for learning media

    Drawing up the storyboard with your content as the basis for media production.
    It contains all of the specifications that are required to create visuals, animations, audio, screen text etc.

  • Training material

    Creating the required training materials in the form stipulated, e.g. manuals, books, card sets, posters etc.

  • Proofreading

    Enhancing and correcting your text (spelling, grammar, style)


  • Media

    The creation of the required and stipulated medium, be it a web based training,
    a book or a poster.

  • Formats, interventions, training

    Carrying out your training / intervention / event from the invitation through to cleaning up.


We are happy to write or translate for you or to proofread your text in German and in English. (native speaker)

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